Posted by: jaynedearborn | October 22, 2008

“Does Cancer Have A Face?”

I had the wonderful opportunity to participate on with host Roland Hinds.  The topic of the show was “Does Cancer Have A Face?”  It was great to be able to share our story of Max from the time of his diagnosis to where we are today.  It is my wish that by sharing our story, others who may be going through their own challenges, struggles or traumas will feel hopeful that life can go on and that underneath the despair lie beautiful gifts passed on from our loved ones.




Does Cancer Have A Face? – Find out how some of my guest made it!

How many people know someone who may have or had cancer? Can you tell? Hear some inpirational stories from cancer survivors and receive pertinent information. Guest includes: Dr. Elie Levine, M.D., author Ruth Peltason, book titled “I Am Not My Breast Cancer” and Jayne Dearborn who talks about her son Max. Call in and share your story or lend your support. Let’s spread the word! E-mail:

If you wish to hear the show, you can find it at:

After going to the myspace site, click on the white box on the right that says “I have a talk show on blogtalkradio” and find the title “Does Cancer Have A Face? “

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