Posted by: jaynedearborn | November 6, 2008

Flourish inspires with the Itafari Foundation



What an inspiring event!!  I had the opportunity to hear the incredibly dynamic and inspiring speaker, Vicky Trabosh, talk about the Itafari Foundation which she founded in 2005.  She is very passionate about her cause and spreads her enthusiasm inspiring others to make a difference in our world.  She began her mission one brick at a time, hence the name Itafari (meaning brick in Kinwarwanda, the native language of Rwanda). 

The Itafari Foundation’s vision is that every Rwandan will have the opportunity to dream of a better life, and the power to make it a reality. One day, every Rwandan will thrive as valued, life-long members of the world community.

All funds, awareness efforts and partnership programs established by the Itafari Foundation will directly support the people of Rwanda.  For more information about Vicky and the Itafari Foundation,visit 

A special thanks to Nancy Thompson, founder of Flourish, for organizing this wonderful event.  Flourish  holds monthly events as a way to Connect, Inspire and Empower women by bringing together interesting peflourish-logoople and inspiring events that help participants grow, thrive…Flourish!  For more information about Flourish, visit

On a final note…my personal inspirtaion:

While at this event, I opened an ornament hand woven by a Rwandan woman and inside was a proverb.

Ukize inkuba arayiganira.  “If you survived a tragedy you should speak about it.” 

How amazing is that!!  This made me realize how important it is to continue building the non-profit, Max’s Blue Butterfly, to help fight childhood cancer.  There is no time like the present to start making a difference.  It also made me see how critical it is to share our story of healing in hopes of helping others know that they too can overcome tragedy and transform their lives into something they never thought possible.  


  1. Wow, Jayne!! It is just amazing that you received that proverb in your ornament! Take care, Deb

  2. Hi Jayne,
    What a wonderful story! I am so inspired by all that you are doing and I am proud and grateful that through our Flourish events, we have been able to connect so many amazing women who are making a difference in this world.

    Best wishes for much success with the business and the Foundation in the coming year.

    Nancy Thompson

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